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  • No Pain - All Gain!
    Welcome to Davis Dental, a dental practice that puts you first. We know that many people avoid the dentist due to fear of pain, which is why we use an extra gentle touch and work to make dental care painless. Explore our services to see what you can gain from quality dental care.
  • Healthier Mouth, Healthier You
    Did you know gum disease puts you at an increased risk for heart disease? The health of your teeth and gums is vital to your well-being, making good dental hygiene and regular trips to the dentist crucial for your whole body. Schedule your appointment with Davis Dental today.
  • Be Confident in Your Smile!
    How anxious are you to grin and show off your teeth? If you are embarrassed about the appearance of your mouth, Davis Dental can help to give your smile a makeover. Schedule an appointment to learn more about bleaching, veneers, dentures, implants, bridges, and other cosmetic services.
Get tips on daily dental hygiene for a healthy mouth.
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Days. Nights. Weekends. We're here for you. Just walk-in or call.
Latest Technology
Our state-of-the-art facilities feature innovative diagnostic and treatment tools.
The Best Materials
We use composites, porcelain and other durable materials for lasting results.
Flexible Payments
With private insurance, Medicaid and CreditCare, we make dental care affordable.
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Painless Root Canals

Root canals can save your teeth. Learn more about how our endodontic specialist can help.
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Smile Makeovers for CONFIDENCE

Explore your options for whiter teeth, filling gaps and enhancing the appearance of your mouth.
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Effective Gum Disease Treatment

Find out about the treatments for gum disease that can greatly improve your. oral health.
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